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Together Housing Group

The Problem

A large association, a mix of stock transfer and trad HA origins, determined to have a corporate approach to the active management of homes as assets, through the understanding of the financial and non-financial performance of different groups of stock. People in the HA with interest and ideas on this, going back to before it was generally understood in the sector. But, in a big organisation, how to have an approach to this that allows you to tell the wood from the trees?

How We Helped

We took our own Insight Analysis tool, the client’s own, quite advanced, experience and thinking, and our own wider knowledge, and worked with them to produce a tool and an approach unique to them, highly bespoked to their own situation. As the tool has been used, and their own approach has evolved, we have developed the tool to match – sometimes fine-tuning, sometimes with more fundamental changes. As it has evolved, the tool has become ‘theirs’ and they are free to develop it further themselves as they wish.

The Outcome

The association has robust analysis well-embedded at the heart of an impressive corporate approach to strategic asset management, something to be proud of. We are pleased to say, they no longer need our help! But we do continue to provide occasional trouble-shooting ad-hoc support as needed.

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