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Meet Bill, Sue, Carol, John, Steve and Bill… 

Meet The Team

Bill Truin

Bill Truin

Bill has been involved in housing finance at senior levels for more years than he’s prepared to admit. During that time he has had hands-on experience of virtually all operational and strategic aspects of financial management, in particular financial reporting, long term financial planning and treasury management.

Bill continues to develop his understanding of how strategy and policy decisions influence the way organisations seek to generate financial capacity (or not!), in order to improve the lives of their customers. A true multi-dimensional puzzle that every RP needs to solve….at least every 12 months.

Not only that but Bill also manages to utilise his experience from pre-housing finance days as a financial auditor, through his involvement with the Homes England development compliance audit programme.


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Sue Chapman

Sue Chapman

Sue’s career focus has been on local government finance, working in a variety of roles including Deputy Chief Finance Officer. Council housing is a significant aspect of her career expertise, which includes stock transfer, HRA Business Planning and asset analysis, capital procurement, development appraisal and new build and regeneration projects.

Through the variety of roles she has undertaken she has also developed  extensive experience of training and development, managing large teams, using change management techniques to work efficiently and delivering Finance Business Partner roles.

This experience has enabled her to focus on supporting local authorities in developing their Business Plans, with high quality support addressing the needs and strategic objectives of the organisation.


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John Jeffries

John Jeffries

John’s long career has taken him on a journey through the changing world of housing, starting in the era of post-war state provision with Scottish Special Housing Association, through to being a key board member today of two proudly independent housing associations flying the modern flags of creativity, equality and social purpose.   In between, he has been at the forefront of tackling some of the biggest housing and regeneration challenges around, in Sheffield, Glasgow, and London.

In consultancy, his work has ranged from sector-leading modern approaches to business planning, asset management, and data analysis, through to anti-poverty strategy and practice. He is a national expert on strategic asset management and option appraisal.


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Carol Lee

Carol Lee

Carol has over 30 years’ experience of working within the social housing sector in many varied roles, principally within the finance function. Her experience and expertise covers doing the run of the mill standard tasks such as financial statements, management accounts and budgets etc. to acting interim Finance Director. This wide experience has enabled her to take on projects such as the implementation of a new finance system and other change management tasks. Her flexible and experienced approach provides a professional solution to most finance tasks. Carol is very much a team player and will deliver high standards of work and provide support for clients and their staff.


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Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson

Steve has a unique range of experience, having held senior roles in supported housing, general needs and private rented management as well as leading on major national development programmes and innovative regeneration projects. He has also led on the development of modern thinking on asset strategies and how to improve asset performance.

As a consultant, Steve has a no-nonsense approach that balances strategic vision with detailed subject knowledge, to give practical solutions or approaches to complex issues. His consultancy work has ranged from sector leading asset strategies and asset performance tools, to strategic service reviews, strategic development and business development advice.


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Bill Best

Bill Best

Bill is a housing geek with an insatiable curiosity to understand how and why housing developments, their management or maintenance might not be as successful as they could be. His preferred style is to work with others to help shape solutions that will improve matters. That’s why his experience is so wide and varied, having worked at senior level in local authority, national housing development and refurbishment contractors, housing consultancies and an active board member with three housing associations.

He has devised several innovative yet pragmatic asset management solutions for problematic housing stock over the lifespan of the business planning cycle. His most recent experiences have been in leading multi-disciplinary teams to competitively bid for large scale development and regeneration projects.


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