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Welcome to 4point2

Social housing finance expert

Who are we?

We’re a small team of housing and finance experts with exceptional “hands-on” career experience, a fresh, creative approach and a belief that a well-run social housing sector can make a huge difference to people’s lives.

What kind of things do we do?

Most of all, what we offer is ourselves – our skills, knowledge and experience, and our distinctive problem-solving, no-fuss, flexible style.  If we have to put it under headings, we would use terms like ‘Business Planning’, ‘Option Appraisal’, ‘Business Analysis’, ‘Financial Accounting’, ‘Asset Management’, ‘Regeneration’, ‘Good Governance’, ’Housing Strategy’ to describe what we do.

One theme in our work is the use of simple but effective tools and techniques to support better thinking and planning. Our HRA BP sets a new user-friendly standard for creative HRA business planners looking for a better excel-based business planning model. Insight Analysis is still the best and the simplest way to understand the financial and non-financial performance of different groups and types of stock. Our No-Fuss Option Appraisal Guide shows how you can use the basic best practice principles of option appraisal effectively to think through any kind of problem.

“When we’re struggling to get on top of something important and we need some help to see the best way forward – that’s when I ring them. Always works!”

Lynn Wassell, Chief Exec, Clyde Valley Housing Association

We’ve worked in Shetland and Sussex, and all parts in between, helping all kinds of housing associations, councils, ALMOs, government agencies, contractors, developers and third-sector businesses.

Maryhill Housing Association